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On the Issues

Protecting the Williamson County Way

The Williamson County Way is more than just a phrase—it’s a guiding principle deeply ingrained in the fabric of our community.

The Williamson County Way is conservative values, fiscal responsibility, and community stewardship. It's about protecting our rich heritage while balancing growth and preservation. It’s being unafraid to lead, and forging a path for others to follow.

The Williamson County Way centers on family, faith and community—neighbors helping neighbors, coming together in times of need and fostering a sense of belonging and connection, whether you’re a longtime resident like Brian Beathard or a newcomer.

The Williamson County Way emphasizes hard work, entrepreneurship, and economic prosperity—supporting local businesses, creating jobs, and ensuring a thriving economy for current and future generations.

The Williamson County Way prioritizes responsible governance, prudent stewardship of resources and proven conservative results—balancing budgets, reducing waste, and ensuring taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.

The Williamson County Way values education, infrastructure, and public safety—investing in our world-class schools, maintaining our roads, and fully funding our nationally recognized Sheriff’s Department. By prioritizing these essential services, we ensure that Williamson County remains a safe, prosperous, and desirable place to live, work, raise a family and retire.

The Williamson County Way is what has led to the high quality of life we enjoy here and is so attractive to the many newcomers flocking here each year.

The Williamson County Way is about community engagement, collaboration, coming together to address challenges, finding common ground and working towards shared goals that ensure Williamson County remains the best and most successful county in Tennessee.

Saving Our Schools

Despite consistent rankings as a top-performing district in the state, Williamson County schools are under attack. Chronically underfunded by state redistribution of our tax dollars (we get back less than half of what we generate), our students and teachers are left at a disadvantage.

Vouchers being proposed by the state legislature would provide $7,000 per student as government-subsidized handouts, redistributing your hard-earned tax dollars to private schools. Conversely, Williamson County Schools only receives approximately $4,300 per student, which prompts a lot of questions. That is why Brian is the only conservative in the District 65 Republican primary running AGAINST vouchers. Brian will fight tirelessly to keep vouchers out of Williamson County and to secure fair and equitable funding for Williamson County schools, ensuring that every single one of our students and teachers have access to the resources they need to continue leading the state in results.

Our Dollars to Our Infrastructure

Brian is committed to addressing the glaring inequities in state investment that have left Williamson County roads and highways underfunded and overstrained. Even though Williamson County is the fastest growing county in the state, taxpayers like you are repeatedly left holding the bag when it comes to road improvements.

Williamson County provides more than double the tax revenues than it receives back; our tax dollars are redistributed to other counties that the state deems more deserving. While we are glad to help our neighbors as we can, no county should get back less than half of what it generates in taxes. Brian's first bill will be to cap it at no more than double, which could mean tens of millions per year back from the state to widen Highway 100 in Fairview and Highway 31 in Thompson’s Station, complete Mack Hatcher Parkway in Franklin, and mitigate the impacts of exponential growth.

End Illegal Immigration

Due to President Biden's disastrous policies and the failure of the United States Congress to act, our Southern border has been left wide open, making every state a border state. Washington needs to secure the border, fully fund the Border Patrol, and enforce the eVerify system with stiffer penalties. And while Tennessee can’t control the Southern border, we can secure our own. As State Representative, Brian will fight to “demagnetize” our state and disincentivize illegal immigrants from coming to Tennessee.

Fight State Overreach

Somehow, conservatives at the state capitol have gotten away from the bedrock principle of local control. Williamson County is handcuffed in so many ways by state overreach. Brian understands the importance of preserving local autonomy, and ensuring that decisions affecting our community are made by those who understand its unique needs.

As the only conservative with a proven record in the Republican primary for District 65 State Representative, Brian is committed to fighting against any attempts to usurp local control and impose one-size-fits-all solutions from Nashville. What’s good for Nashville and Memphis isn’t always what’s good for Williamson County.

Defend the Second Amendment

Our fundamental rights derive not from the government, but from God—and the right to self-preservation is obviously foremost. Our Founding Fathers knew that government inevitably grows and that power corrupts, which is why they ensured that We the People had the means to protect ourselves, our families and our freedoms. “Shall not infringe” means exactly what it says… the late Justice Antonin Scalia famously said that the Constitution says what it says, and it doesn’t say what it doesn’t say. The Constitution was written with the utmost care, to be clear and precise and to withstand the test of time.

Protect the Sanctity of Life

As a Christian, Brian believes firmly in the sanctity of life, which most certainly includes that of the mother. Compassion and common sense should be applied in the tragic cases of rape, incest or when the life of the mother is at risk. Brian absolutely supports the requirement of parental consent to transport a minor across state lines, for any reason. Furthermore, Brian understands that IVF treatments are relied upon by hundreds of Tennessee families each year, which is why he backs protecting access to them. Government's most fundamental responsibility is to protect innocent life.

Back the Blue

Above all, Law and Order are essential to our high quality of life. That’s why Williamson County’s nationally recognized Sheriff’s Department will always be a top priority. During his time on the County Commission, Brian has supported pay raises for law enforcement and worked with the Sheriff's Department to make Williamson County the first in the state to put School Resource Officers (SROs) in every school. Brian will always back the first responders who keep our community safe and secure.

Oppose New Taxes

As the only conservative in the Republican primary for District 65 State Representative to have been elected to public office, Brian has a 14-year track record of proven results. He has never voted for a tax increase, instead leading the County Commission as Chairman to find innovative solutions to unprecedented growth, which challenges our schools and our infrastructure. Years of sound fiscal leadership have led to Williamson County earning and maintaining a AAA bond rating, world-class schools and national desirability, all while having one of the lowest tax rates in the country. We don’t need to raise taxes.

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